Grayton Beer Company Sponsors Seaside School Half Marathon & 5K

By December 8, 2014Seaside Blog

GRAYTON BEER COMPANY Sponsors Seaside School Half Marathon

This sold-out event attracts runners from all over the world and includes a weekend of planned events for everyone. One of the highlights is the good craft beer from Grayton Beer Company, one of our sponsors!

The Seaside School Foundation (“SSF”) tradition continues… The Seaside Schools Half Marathon and 5K Run takes place on Sunday, March 1, 2015. This yearly, sold-old event attracts runners from all over the world and includes a weekend of planned events for everyone. The 30A/Seaside/South Walton community embraces the influx of visitors with our southern hospitality, while our locals, young and old, volunteer their time in making the race one of the most sought after events in the Southeast.   The race would not be possible without the generous support of all of the sponsors who are crucial to its success and we appreciate our sponsors in advance!  grayton_chalk

The race is the schools biggest fundraiser and the proceeds support many important educational components of Seaside Schools academic success and future growth, including technology purchases, high school and elementary school expansion, and enhancement of the middle school’s elective classes. Accordingly, SNS will be highlighting our sponsors in blogs, on social media and on all SNS and race weekend related websites from now until race time and, most likely, well after. One of our returning (and favorite) sponsors is Diamond Sponsor GRAYTON BEER COMPANY. Having developed a taste for craft beer in college, Jamey Price started Grayton Beer Company in 2011, and operates it in over 30,000sf of state-of-the-art facilities located at South Walton Commerce Park, 217 Serenoa Road in Santa Rosa Beach. Grayton Beer fits in with our community with its Slow Down, You’re Here vibe and because, like our community, its beers has something for everyone, year-round.

Unsure if you like craft beer? Check out Grayton Beer’s new Taproom. You can sample the different beers in the newly opened taproom before committing to just one. Located in the same building where the beer is brewed, the taproom has been on the agenda for some time and the folks at Grayton Beer are excited to give everyone the opportunity to taste, discover and enjoy some of the best beer in Florida. The most popular and best-selling beer is the 30A Beach Blonde, which is described as the perfect beach beer… crisp and dry with a fruity sweetness.

I had the opportunity to meet with Tyler White, one of the actual brewers, at the Taproom. After talking with Tyler for just five minutes, I quickly realized what makes Grayton Beer Company unique and successful… it’s not just the taste of its craft beer, or the allure of its new Taproom, or the ability to see how the beer is actually brewed… it’s the genuine friendliness of everyone that works there (there are currently 9 employees). I asked why he thought people liked their beer so much and why the taproom was such a success and without even pausing, Tyler answered, “When people drink beer with the people who brew it, it makes a difference”. The taproom vibe was cool, calm and casual – with the staff giving it the “Cheers” where everyone knows your name feeling.

Another big reason for Grayton Beer’s success is that only the freshest ingredients are used. On one occasion, Tyler said they needed more hops to make some batches of a particular brew so they called their hops farmer in Oregon, the hops were shipped out across the country that morning and arrived at Grayton Beer by 8pm that same day. I don’t think you can get any fresher than that.

The idyllic scene of our Grayton Beach/Seaside/30A area was the reason Mr. Price chose our community as the brewery’s home. Tyler stated that it was an easy choice because Grayton Beach is one of the founding towns, encompasses a melting pot of artistic people from all over the world and it matched the overall business plan.grayton_brew

This is one of the reasons Grayton Beer was able to start its new Artist Series wherein Grayton Beer collaborates with local artists and feature their designs on 22-oz. seasonal beers. Not only does the artist gain exposure, but new, seasonal beers are presented in a unique way for people to experience.   Grayton Beer is so giving that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Artist Series bottles go toward art-based programs and charities in the local area. Tyler’s favorite is the Redneck Rye-Viera, a double IPA.

I can see now why, when asked what they liked best about the race, many runners answered, “the beer.” So come on out, run, drink craft beer and make new friends. Cheers for Grayton Beer Company for being our sponsor, for having some of the best beer in Florida and for making the Seaside Race possible. Visit for more info or to follow their social media channels. SSF genuinely thanks Grayton Beer Company and looks forward to seeing everyone at the race! #seasidefl5k loves #GraytonBeer.   We Love Our Sponsors! #runseasidefl #seasideflmarathon