Seaside Community Development Corporation Sponsors

By December 15, 2014Seaside Blog

The company that leases the space to the Merchants of Seaside is Seaside Community Development Corporation (“SCDC”). SCDC is the commercial leasing company for Seaside and is the entity that brings most of the events to Seaside and markets the Merchants. Some of the events that take place are the Seaside Farmers Market (Saturdays in the amphitheater); 2the Seaside Easter Celebration; performances by The Repertory Theatre; the July 4th Parade & Fireworks; various outdoor concerts; Central Square Cinemas (Family movie nights); and so much more!

The Merchants of Seaside include everything from restaurants, apparel, art galleries, dance studios, spa, jewelry stores, a book store, home interiors, and a toy store, among other stores. The employees and owners that make up the Merchants of Seaside always enjoy meeting new people whether they are from another country, a Hollywood movie star or a Nashville country singer, or a local from around the corner somewhere in South Walton.

The Merchants meet many of the race participants sometimes when they come in because they need a last minute race item. One such Merchant of Seaside agrees. According to Laurie Olshefski, owner of the Fitness Fetish, “The Seaside School Half Marathon is a great race, I have seen it grow from its beginning to what the popular Race has become today.  5This Race has set the bar for many other races in our area.  For my shop being a Sport and Beach shop, the racers live their lives with a fetish for Fitness, and healthy active lifestyle which is what my shop is all about.  I love to see the positive energy and spirit in our town during this event.  Our shop is always buzzing with business during the weekend of this event.   Sometimes racers come to find they forgot to pack something for the race… like their shoes.  We often help save the day.”

When asked why SCDC decided to sponsor the race, Lori Leath Smith, Director of Public Relations and Marketing, said that they wanted to support the wonderful Seaside Neighborhood School.   In sponsoring the race, the SCDC always has many of their Merchants of Seaside participate and they hope to continue to send the message to the community and out of town attendees and visitors that they are in support of the Seaside Neighborhood School, 4Seacoast Collegiate High School and the planning of the future elementary school, and that the event is one of the must attend events of the year in Walton County, Florida. Ms. Smith further said that SCDC is proud to be able to partner with the school’s foundation and help in the foundation’s fundraising efforts. As far as the impact that the race has on Seaside and its Merchants, Ms. Smith said that the impact of the race was significant in that it brings business to Seaside merchants and the surrounding communities during the shoulder season before Spring Break.

So if you are planning to attend the race, plan to peruse the shops at Seaside where you can enjoy a good meal, get lost in a book, treat the kids to ice cream, get fitted for new running shoes, or surprise your spouse with a new pearl necklace. You won’t be disappointed.

Visit for information about leasing, website links to the Merchants of Seaside, information about the events taking place at Seaside or to follow Seaside’s social medial channels. On behalf of the students of Seaside Neighborhood School and Seacoast Collegiate High Schools, the Seaside School Foundation thanks the Seaside Community Development Corporation and all of the Merchants of Seaside and looks forward to seeing everyone at the race! #seasidefl5k loves #SeasideFl.   We Love Our Sponsors! #runseasidefl #seasideflmarathon.