Emeril’s Tchoup Chop to participate in Taste of the Race

By January 13, 2015Seaside Blog

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A nod to New Orleans’ Tschoupitoulas Street, “tchoup” coupled with a culinary term, “chop,” is how this second Universal Orlando eatery by Emeril Lagasse, got its name.  Emeril’s Tchoup Chop takes your palate on a trip through the Pacific Seas.  We are thrilled that Emeril’s Tchoup Chop will be cooking for us February 27, 2015 at Taste of the Race.  A few items you will find on this amazing menu include:

  • Crispy Kalua Chicken Egg Rolls with an Orange-Chili Dipping Sauce
  • Ahi Poke Rice Bowl with raw Ahi, sushi rice, avacado, cucumber with a sweet soy glaze and a spicy mayo
  • Tchoup Chop Chicken Salad with grilled chicken, romaine, onions, carrots, water chestnuts, green onions, napa slaw, tomatoes, macadamia nuts, cucumber, cilantro, wonton crisps, and a mandarin orange-sesame soy vinaigrette
  • Da Tchoup Burger-(this would be Da favorite in my house) Burger with a fried egg, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, onions, pickles, Asian Chimichurri with a Kabayaki Glaze and Kim Chee Aioli
  • Bag of Mussels with cilantro, thai basil, kaffir lime, ginger, tomatoes and white wine
  • Soft Tacos with Flour tortillas, lomi lomi tomatoes, guacamole, pinapple napa slaw, and a sweet soy-kim chee mayo with BBQ Skirt steak, Kalua Pork, or Mahi Mahi

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Well, I officially declare my kale diet off on February 27, 2015.   In fact, after just writing about it, I am craving such deliciousness right now!! I don’t know what the Chef Lagasse and his talented staff at Tchoup Chop plan on serving at Taste of the Race, but I know it will undoubtedly be great! I can only hope that they will consider opening a beach location here in the Florida Panhandle.  Hey…dare to dream, dare to dream.

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The whole team at the Seaside School Half Marathon & 5K Run is so honored to have the support of  Emeril Lagasse, his family, and his team.   Chef Lagasse is hosting our inaugural Taste of the Race 2015. I found it worth mentioning in case you like to hob nob with culinary geniuses, eat amazing food, listen to live music, and drink a fab glass of wine or cold beer.  Who doesn’t?? We hope to see your smiling (and hungry) faces there.