This is the second year lululemon Grayton Beach has provided race pacers for the Seaside School ½ Marathon, and we are so excited to introduce you to your pacers. All hopeful pacers had to attend a lululemon run club and informative interview process where each pacer was hand-picked to suit the needs of the race while aligning with lululemon’s expectations of a stellar community leader. The goal was to bring together phenomenal athletes who are also motivational, kind, energetic, and who truly care about the people around them.

We have achieved that goal. 

This year, lululemon Grayton Beach has also selected a 5K Hype Squad to get to know the 5K racers and help keep their energy high so they can also reach their race goals.

You will have the opportunity to meet your pacers at the Race Expo on Saturday, February 29 from 12-5pm. In the meantime, here is your formal introduction:

Your ½ Marathon Pacers

Aaron Haugen – Pacing 7:30

Aaron is the Cross Country Coach at Seaside School, so this race is near and dear to his heart. He is a veteran pacer for the Seaside School ½ Marathon and likes to find out how well balanced he is in mind and spirit while taking on Ultra distances. You could say he goes the extra mile.

Michael Hall – Pacing 7:45

Michael is an educator at lululemon Grayton Beach. He found his stride at a young age. As a kid he ran in the Junior Olympics three years straight and was accepted on a high school state championship team before he was (even) in high school. A challenge is something he’s always game for; to date he’s completed two Spartan races, and a World’s Toughest Mudder 24-hour obstacle course. He likes to give high fives while running, so make sure you catch him on the course!

Leo Tyska – Pacing 8:00

Leo started a walking/running club in the Chicagoland area and really enjoys helping people achieve their goals in running, no matter the distance. He’s a big fan of the walk/run strategy for any long race and enjoys seeing the amazement people have when they get PRs by mixing in strategic walks. He has done two Ironman competitions, has a goal of running in every state, and is excited to help the 8:00 pace group reach their goals. RUN, LEO, RUN!

Alex Weiner – Pacing 8:15

Alex is an educator at lululemon Grayton Beach, a Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified Nutrition Specialist, and  running coach. When she isn’t on local trails, you will most likely catch her rollerblading. Long runs are followed by halo top ice cream, so you can indulge with her after this race.


Karina Sterett- Pacing 8:30

Karina has run a grand total 19 marathons so far. When her husband proposed to her, he sent her on a 6-mile surprise scavenger hunt just after she had completed a 16 mile run. She was glad he still wanted to marry her after 22 miles of running. Talk about a love of running!

Rex Stinnett – Pacing 9:00 with Matt Lauderdale

Rex is a veteran pacer for the Seaside School ½ Marathon and the founder of Crop Dusters Ultra Running group out of Fort Walton Beach. In spring 2019, Rex represented lululemon Grayton Beach at The Huddle in Miami, a men’s influencer event sponsored by lululemon. To date, Rex has run 40 Ultra Marathons.

Matt Lauderdale – Pacing 9:00 with Rex Stinnett

Matt is the current lululemon Grayton Beach run ambassador and owner of Frankie’s Bike Shop in The Hub. He hails from California and often leads run club at lululemon Grayton Beach. Fun fact about Matt is that he can whistle like a dolphin and roll his stomach, but can he do them at the same time? Find out by running the 9-mile pace with him!

Ashley Selvey – Pacing 9:30

Ashley is a veteran pacer for the Seaside School ½ Marathon, and this year will be pacing while five months pregnant! Ashley will be running her second Boston Marathon this upcoming April 2020 in her seventh month of pregnancy. She’s running this race for two – and you!

Clarissa Seales- Pacing 10:00

Clarissa is a staple at the lululemon Grayton Beach run club and smiling’s her favorite. She has completed a Burpee 5k before, so rest assured, she’s got your back in this 10 minute mile pace. We promise, no burpees!


Your 5K Hype Squad

Amy Habrack

Amy owns SLAM in Panama City Beach where she motivates women to get out and sweat with their kids. She was born and raised in Minnesota, but after graduating trade school lived in Georgia, Alabama, Utah, South Carolina, and Missouri – all working within the health club industry! Amy, her husband, and 2 children now happily call the Emerald Coast Home.

Kenzie Burleigh

Kenzie lives in Tallahassee, FL and is a legacy run ambassador for lululemon TLH. Her day job is in publishing, but in her dream life, she’d get paid to garden and play with animals all day.

Meagan Perlaky

Meagan works for South Walton Fire District as a professional lifeguard and is in charge of their training program. As a triathlete, she loves competing in races all over the world when she’s not home cuddling her 10 month old daughter. She is super excited to be part of the 5k hype squad and motivate the runners to do their best.


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