Slay your training with our heart-rate, customized playlists! As you start your training for the upcoming Seaside School Virtual Half Marathon + 5K, we’ve got some jams to keep you groovin’! Slay that run or walk with our new customized music playlists on Spotify.

Curated by our very own Seaside Neighborhood School students, runners can track their heart-rates using their phones, watch or a heart-rate monitor and then select the playlists that match the beat. You’ll be right in-step with the music and it’s a perfect way to pace your exercise. No fancy equipment to track your heart-rate? That’s fine! Let’s do it the old-fashioned way. Simply go for a run or a walk and then about 10 minutes into your exercise, check your pulse and count how many beats you feel for one minute. Voila!

Stay tuned to our social media pages as we release more customized playlists as the race draws closer. Happy running!

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