Over the past three years of being involved with the Seaside Half and 5k, I’ve grown to learn how much the students and community love to run. With my passion to help mentor and grow in the community, the Seaside and Seacoast students have a special place in my heart.

(Aaron Haugen & the SNS XC Team)

I’ve been running for over half my life, with only in the past 4 years going deeper into running then I ever thought imaginable. I’ve run distances that many people don’t like to drive in their car, and I’ve run in some of the most scenic areas in the United States. But nothing gives me the joy of watching how excited these kids get when it’s time to race or volunteer for their school.

Between coaching the Cross Country team for the past two years, and the boys varsity team making it down to state this year. To creating a Run Club at Seacoast, these students want more. More to what they can do and grow in this sport of running and in this world.

I love the outdoors, and I love nature. I combine my love of running and show all of the students the benefits of being outside and in nature. They really seem to grasp how cool being on the trails, in the woods feels. Getting excited when they see wildlife like deer, birds, snakes, and turtles. Along with stopping, taking a breath and seeing where they are, and where they can go.

In life, and in academics, these students are challenged. And it’s fun to show them the benefits of challenging themselves on a run. The distances we cover, to how fast we run the mile. They continue to get faster, and or go further. They know it’s tough, and they go after it. This ties into life, and their studies. Things are going to be tough, and things aren’t always going to be easy. It’s great to overcome a challenge. They apply this every day in the classroom and at home.

I’m grateful to be a part of this great community, I’m thankful for Seaside Schools always pushing the limits to make this race happen for the kids.

Aaron Haugan

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